American Electric Technologies, Inc. (AETI) is a leading provider of power delivery solutions to the global energy industry. Our mission is EmpoweringEnergy™ – enabling energy companies to safely and effectively meet the world’s growing energy demands.
The company was founded in Beaumont Texas in 1946 and has the following operations:

  • AETI corporate headquarters in the energy corridor in Houston Texas.
  • M&I Electric Brazil with locations in Rio de Janeiro, Macae and Belo Horizonte, Brazil
  • BOMAY- our China joint venture with China National Petroleum Company (CNPC)

American Electric Technologies is a publicly listed company on the NASDAQ stock exchange, ticker symbol is AETI.

Our strategy is to have a balanced, counter-cyclical approach to the global energy industry. The company is well positioned in the upstream, midstream and downstream oil and natural gas markets. In addition, the company has significant presence in the power generation and distribution sector. The company also continues to participate in complimentary sectors including the marine vessel market and the general industrial markets.

The company also utilizes a balanced geographic approach, with a mix of developed energy markets including the Middle East, China, and Brazil.